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May 2022


Bolttech Europe Brokerage SAS, Société par Action Simplifiée with a capital of 1 000,00 euros, is a company registered in the Registre du Commerce et des Societes under number 892 665 811, and has its registered office at 43, Rue de Liege, Paris 8E Arrondissement Cedex, France.

Bolttech Europe Brokerage SAS is an insurance broker registered at ORIAS (www.orias.fr) under number 21001112, subject to the control of the competent authority of France, Autorité de Controle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR). The register of intermediaries kept by ORIAS is available at www.orias.fr

Bolttech Europe Brokerage SAS operates in Italy under freedom of establishment and is registered in the Register of Insurance Intermediaries kept by IVASS under no. UE00012295. The identification and registration details of the intermediary can be consulted on the IVASS website www.ivass.it.

The following contact details can be used to contact Bolttech Europe Brokerage SAS: Mail: Corso Monforte, 2 IT-20122 Milano (MI) Phone: 800194746 Email: [email protected] Pec: [email protected]

Scope of the service

Bolttech Europe Brokerage SAS acts as an insurance broker on behalf of the policyholder/insured person and does not represent any insurance company.

Bolttech Europe Brokerage SAS provides information on the insurance products issued by companies it collaborates with, and from which it receives a commission calculated as a percentage of the insurance premium.

Bolttech Europe Brokerage SAS allows the policyholder/insured person to submit, through it, an insurance application to the insurance company.

Bolttech Europe Brokerage SAS is authorized by the insurance companies with which it collaborates to collect the premiums on their behalf. The policyholder/insured person is responsible for the correctness of the information provided to Bolttech Europe Brokerage SAS, which shall not be liable for the possible inadequacy of the product in the event of incorrect information being provided or in the event of refusal to provide the requested information. Your personal data will be processed for the purposes specified in the privacy policy provided by the relevant data controller depending on the service requested, as well as those indicated in the privacy policy of Bolttech Europe Brokerage SAS.


Without prejudice to the possibility of addressing the Judicial Authority, the policyholder is entitled to lodge a written complaint to the Intermediary. The complaint will be answered within 45 days of receipt.

The complaint can be made using the following contacts: E-mail to [email protected] Letter addressed to Bolttech Europe Brokerage SAS, Corso Monforte, 2 IT-20122 Milano (MI).

If the Policyholder/Insured Person is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint or in the event of no response within the maximum time limit, he/she may contact IVASS, Via del Quirinale, 21 - 00187 Roma Fax 06.42133.206 - PEC: [email protected], enclosing a copy of the complaint already submitted to the company and the response received. The form for submitting a complaint to IVASS can be found on the website www.ivass.it, under "For Consumers - Complaints - Guide".

Complaints addressed in writing to IVASS contain: Name, surname and domicile of the complainant, with telephone number if applicable; Identification of the person or persons whose actions are complained of; Brief and comprehensive description of the reason for the complaint; Copy of the complaint submitted to the Company and any feedback provided by the Company; Any document useful to fully describe the relevant circumstances. Complaints only relating to the behaviour of the Intermediary, employees and collaborators involved in the company's operating cycle will be handled directly by the Intermediary and may be addressed directly to them.

In the event that the complaint is not or only partially accepted, the possibility to contact the Judicial Authority or to recourse to alternative dispute resolution systems, such as the following, remains unaffected:

Mediation (Law 9/8/2013, No. 98) which can be initiated by submitting a request to a Mediation Body among those present in the list of the Ministry of Justice, available on the website www.giustizia.it the Assisted Negotiation (Law no. 162 of 10/11/2014) which can be initiated at the request of your lawyer.

In the event of a cross-border dispute between a Policyholder/Insured Person domiciled in a member state of the European Economic Area and a company with registered office in another member state, the Policyholder can request the activation of the FIN-NET procedure, forwarding the complaint directly to the competent foreign system, i.e. that where the insurance company that has issued the contract is based (which can be identified by accessing the website ec. ec.europa.eu/info/fin-net_en), or, if the Policyholder/Insured Person is domiciled in Italy, he/she can submit the complaint to IVASS, which will forward it to the competent foreign system, giving notice to the complainant.”

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